References . HYDROPOWER Technology

Own development and commitment. Micro-Hydro - Own testing plant for pumps as turbines:

1. Pump turbine testing for pressure system, up to 150 l/s:

  • Direct drive for waterpower conversion in heat pump – since 1983.
  • Electricity generation for isolated supplies with load controller – since 1984.
  • In developing countries, mainly Tanzania, for mill drive, pumping water and electricity generation.
  • Modification in pump turbines for improvements and flow adaptation.
  • Development of penstock- and piping systems for appropriate technology and local manufacturing.

2. Natural head 2,5 m:

  • Initiatives to insert turbines in weir gates and flow passages.
  • Demonstration and field testing plant with KSB AG, Frankental, still in operation.

3. Flow energy with velocity control up to 5 m³/s

  • Floating water wheel with integrated rotary pump, in conventional manufacturing and recycling of drums (applied in plants in Tanzania, Pangani River)
  • Pontoon mounted water wheels for pumps and generators.
  • Pump propellers in reverse operation

4. Water wheels

  • Testing of horizontal water wheels, Nepali Ghatta model for GTZ and improvements, tested and demonstrated in the pump testing plant.
  • Vertical water wheels analysis of old techniques and modernisation. (Application in various rehabilitations and new constructions)

5. Pumping with renewable energy.

  • Co-operation with Hydrasol systems for deep-well-pumps and floating pumps, exclusively on DC-systems – since 1980.
  • Transfer of technology to India where the floating pumps are now manufactured.
  • In co-operation with University of Hohenheim:
    Testing of propeller pumps
  • Own development of a submersible motor-propeller pump for low lift irrigation.

6. Wind pumping

  • Design, construction and operation of two wind pumps in Afghanistan, 1973 – 1975
    Applications and testing for pumping. (One western mill type, one Sarvonius type)
  • 1985 concept for wind pumping systems for MBB.

7. Bio-fuel

  • Planning, installation and operation of own co-generating plant driven with rape-oil (40 kW el., 60 kW heat)
    (The plant was used as hydro-hybrid-plant adding two water power plants, 100 kW and 80 kW for peak power demand from 1994 – 2001, now stand by.)
  • Evaluating Indian manufactured oil press and oil engine for applications in projects.

Most projects are documented in reports; for applications several manuals were developed.
Some new techniques and products lead to patents or registered articles.